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Emotions Are Messy

Emotions are messy... especially when we involve others in them. If we approach a relationship feeling that we're missing love in our life, there's a ton of pressure on the relationship. The problem is a failing of our own internal system.   

Love is a human emotion. It comes from inside of us. It is not given to us. It is not an item or even a "thing." Love can be sparked inside of us and shared with us but it cannot be given to us. When we go into a relationship with someone because they have the love we need, we are establishing an exchange that cannot withstand the changes of life or time. Love yourself first. Relationships are easy when you take the pressure off. 

Unfortunately, we get this crazy idea when we're kids (or when we watch too many of those ridiculous Hollywood he/she's "THE ONE" movies). We fall in love with our first crush and, generally, something goes wrong. We feel crushed. We notice that we aren't feeling love at that point and our subconscious mind assumes that we have to go out and find someone else to give us love. It's a trap. 

Be yourself. Recognize that love and happiness are nothing more than human emotions. You can have them and feel them without other people. Sure, you want to be in a relationship but when we make it about SHARING feelings of love - it just goes better because there's no pressure.

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